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“I had been to main stream school and found it very difficult to remember things and keep up with everyone else, so I wasn’t doing very well. I needed to find something else that could support me and gain some extra skills. Personally I wasn’t getting the extra support I needed from other centres, so I choose to try a different one and I’ve not looked back. All the staff had been great with me and very welcoming and I have had lots of support”.

Pauline came into our centre for support to learn basic computers. She had been volunteering for Barnado’s which was just up the road from our centre. She had learnt lots of skills there as she had been volunteering there for seven years. Pauline’s advisor Zowie from the Cheetham Hill Job Centre had decided to refer her to the Reboot UK Project with FAST to give her extra support in her learning. Pauline explained she had learning difficulties so we put her with one of our Peer Mentors to support her through her learning.

“I’ve learnt basic computers on learn my way, how to type stories and find different things on the internet. I’ve also completed a CV, job searched, created a list of transferable skills and now I’ve gained a 5 week work placement with Tesco’s. It’s been a big improvement and I feel happy that I’m getting somewhere and achieving.”

“I’ve also gained lots of certificates and to top it all I’ve meet new people and made lots of new friends. I’ve been consistent in coming to the centre and I’ve challenged myself. I’ve got more confidence and I feel settled. I’m not worrying as much and feel happy. I’ve also asked others to come along and get support”.

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