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CoGS (Community Guidance Service)

Everbody is welcome to ask for our help. Contact us by:

  • Drop in at Community Point Resource Centre and ask for Linda or Tina

  • Telephone 0161 795 9513 and ask for Linda or Tina

  • Leave a confidential email at

  • Download our referral form


Our IAG Workers are trained to understand a wide range of community difficulties and are skilled at referring to specialist support agencies. The Service is supported by the Cheetham Advice Centre. 

CoGS provides one-to-one condidential information, advice and guidance. Bi-lingual Support Workers are available to address language and cultural barriers.  


Practical help people typically ask us for includes:

  • housing

  • benefits

  • contracts of work

  • debt

  • asylum

  • abuse

  • lack of skills and qualifications

  • letters

The kinds of referrals we make include helping people with:

  • self-harm and suicide

  • family conflict

  • domestic abuse

  • homelessness

  • modern day slavery

  • hate crime

  • alcohol and drug abuse


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